Wooden Furniture Care
Technology description Wood is a precious, highly versatile natural and renewable material. With appropriate care and maintenance wooden products achieve superb longevity. In 1994, the Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism equipped its premises almost exclusively with wooden furniture. Up to now, maintenance, care, cleaning etc. are time- and work-intensive; and can only be performed in a staggered fashion. Therefore, the Ministry is looking for eco-innovative solutions that make furniture care or restoration physically less strenuous, more efficient, more ecological (cleaning agents) and more sustainable. Share your idea on products or services, such as improved tools, ecological cleaning agents, ecological textiles for seat covers!
Keywords wooden products care & repair, polish, varnish, transport-saving
Comments Availability to use since 4.4.2018
Form of cooperation
Purchase for end-user
Technical requests preferred properties include: eco-friendly materials (varnish, polish), economically efficient, reduces transport distances (for funiture from/to premises)
More information andrea.pitzschke@economica.at
For more information: https://innovationspartnerschaft.at/challenge/kurzere-wege-fur-reinigung-und-pflege-holz-optimal-instand-haltenwww.ioeb.at
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)




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