Title Transforming the kinetic energy of cardio-fitness machines to electricity
Technology deployment Bulgarian company is working on the development of an innovative device that makes electricity from the kinetic energy of cardio-fitness machines. The research is based on the experience of proven specialists from the energy industry, the information technologies’ industry, wellbeing and recreation, business development and entrepreneurship. The combination of the above mentioned experts’ knowledge and experience brought to the development of a technologically improved solution to something that already exists. Technology, the team is working on, is an improvement from existing alternatives due to its new approach towards installation (making it more affordable), to its compatibility with various fitness machines, and mainly due to its distinguishing feature for individual recognition and feedback.
Advantages and innovation
  • The device contributes for protection of the environment while the people perform their casual sports activities;
  • The device is designed to be functional with different kinds of fitness equipment. It can be applied also in other types of machines and equipment;
  • The company has achieved decrease of the expenditures for installing several devices in one facility (gym);
Keywords energy efficiency, green energy, kinetic energy
Comments Under development
Regarding Stage of Development Prototype product
Type and size of client:
Possible client Partnership with a company in the sphere of software/mobile apps development

Commercial agreement  

Micro industry, SMEs

More information cci-vr@online.bg
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)




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