Sustainable innovation readiness level
No Image Since 2015 the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna, Austria) each year rewards outstanding achievements in the field of sustainability.
Earthworms and Heavy Metal Pollution in Soil
No Image Heavy metals in the environment are a serious health risk to any living organism. Originating from car emissions, mining activities or wrongly disposed batteries, these non-biodgradable pollutants accumulate.
EcoTechnology: Formula for compound with low rolling resistance
No Image In the short video, the co-author of the Best Slovak Innovation of the year 2018 – prof. Ing. Darina Ondrušová, PhD. introduces their award winning innovation Formula for Compound with Low Rolling Resistance.
Poduhvat: windturbines for urban environment
No Image The two brothers Predag and Nenad Paunovic from Serbia invented a new concept for windturbines and founded their starup Poduhvat DOO. At the Green Innovation and Investmet Forum 2018 in Stuttgart they presented their innovative ideas to compete for the first place in the group of the „early stage start ups“.
Circular Czechia
No Image A circular economy is being promoted in Czech business, and has become a part of the government programme. On a European level, a circular economy and effective utilisation of resources is one of the main priorities. Some member states of the European Union (EU), including the Czech Republic, will therefore have to entirely re-evaluate their approach to waste management and recycling within the next two years.
The eco-friendly company Remiva
No Image Here is interesting product line of Czech eco-friendly company Remiva that is specialised in recycling of technological plastic waste by shredding and regranulation of the most common forms, shapes and sizes of plastic waste. 
The ban on single-use plastic
No Image European lawmakers have approved measures to reduce plastics polluting seas and oceans. A proposed ban targets the top 10 single-use plastic products that litter Europe’s beaches. The European Parliament  approved measures that could lead to a ban on single-use plastic items, including straws, cotton swabs and disposable plastic plates and cutlery, by 2021. The parliament backed the proposals with a 571-53 majority.
First machine for backed up plastic bottles in the Czech Republic
No Image Backed up plastic bottles are near future in Czech Republic.