Title Special-purpose communal machines
Description of the technology We started the manufacture of the waste collecting equipment HARD PRESS F15-I that is now under development and to introduce this product on the market. The planned special-purpose machine is eco-friendly, since it is completely driven by electricity.

This means that the superstructure would be mounted on an electromotor-driven basic machine. The superstructure would be run by a hydraulic system with electric drive. This product will be suitable for waste collection in central city districts where the traffic of traditional garbage trucks is undesired and/or impossible.

 Keywords Electrical waste management, Communal machine
Stage of Development Development from prototype to final product

Possible to use since 01. 03. 2019

Language of communication English, Hungarian
More information http://seres.hu/
Contact point jelenka@somogy.hu
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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