Title World from Space
Description of the technology REGULAR INFORMATION – The company provides a new kind of information into the smart city ecosystem. Your city is constantly monitored by satellites and subsequently assessed by both officials and citizens.

URBAN VEGETATION – The company monitors volume and current state of urban vegetation and quantify the change. Inter-annual analysis help to distinguish between random anomalies and long-term trends.

CHANGE DETECTION – Especially in the time of rapid changes, possibility of rapid response is essential. Constant stream of fresh maps provides actual information about the state and changes within the city.

 Keywords Satellite data, Smart cities, Smart agriculture, Vegetation
Advantages SMART CITIES – Cities have been centres of new ideas and creativity for centuries. While being frontrunners of innovation, cities still face great economic, social and environmental challenges. Making use of smart city technologies is a current trend to address them. While smart sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) helps solving site specific needs, problems occurring on larger scale are still painful. Earth Observation (EO) provides a new kind of information constantly monitored by satellites and subsequently assessed by both officials and citizens.

SMART AGRICULTURE – The firm is developing EO DynaCrop service for farmers. Combining satellite and open data and translating results to understandable language, ready for your Farm Management Software.

Stage of Development Sale to end-user
Finished product available to use since 1.1.2018
Language of communication English, Czech, Slovak
Possible client Typical customers are companies exploring possibilities of integrating remote sensing data, municipalities interested in use of Copernicus and Sentinel data or individual consultants interested in Earth Observation business potential
More information http://worldfrom.space/en/home/
Contact point bicbrno@bicbrno.cz
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)