Title GG1- Alternative Home Power Generator (10kW & scalable)
Description GG1 Home Power Generator is a mechatronic power generator (10kW / scalable) with autonomous power supply. The device works on principles of P/K-SNK (Authors Code). The GG1 generator is ideal solution for home owners, supporting the electric-mobility, reducing the loads on the electricity networks… Due to it’s scalability it’s also useful in industrial application, crypto mining… VALLEYNEI innovations is a group of innovators of sustainable-future technologies. Recognizing the patterns of climate change and it’s adverse effects on our ecosystems and human society, Valleynei innovators are developing solutions that reduces the impacts of climate change on our environment and society.
Current status of technology The solution is working conceptually, currently we are looking for a competent (mechatronics / robotics) development partner for development of prototype and later for mass production. Details about concept and operational principles will be disclosed to the development partner under the terms and conditions of the Author, Mr. Zlatko Tomažič – Valleynei innovations.
Segment of eco-technology Energy saving technologies/Environmentally friendly systems
Form of cooperation Development of prototype
Company Valeynei innovations / BIZMARK s.p.
Contact point niko.natek@kssena.velenje.eu
Website http://www.valleynei.com/
Country Slovenia
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)




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