Title RUCONBAR Rubeberised Concrete Noise Barriers
Technology deployment RUCONBAR is highly absorptive environmentally friendly noise barrier. Its absorbing layer is made of recycled waste tyres and concrete. In its nutshell, it is a concrete based solution composed of an absorbing and a bearing layer. By incorporating in its absorptive layer 40 % of rubber granules recycled from old automobile tyres, and innovative product has been created, which is a novel solution in the sphere of noise protection, absolutely unique on the market.

RUCONBAR concept is an economical, easy to implement, and environmentally sound noise protection solution. Main advantages: 31 % reduction in GHG emissions compared to similar solutions available on the market; Reduced consumption of non-renewable resources (gravel or crushed stones, natural clay and tree felling); Protection of natural environment against uncontrolled clay excavation and tree felling practices; Recycling end-of-life car tyres.

Keywords Noise barrier, recycled tyres waste, eco-innovation
Comments RUCONBAR noise barriers have been developed in the scope of the RUCONBAR PROJECT, which has been recognized and co-funded by the CIP Eco-Innovation Initiative, under the umbrella of the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI). RUCONBAR is the holder of Green Mark – Sign of Excellence label, representing a sustainable product and technology.

The innovativeness of the product has also been recognized and awarded by the Association of Energetics of the City of Zagreb where RUCONBAR received the GREENOVATION award for the best product of Croatia’s green economy for 2011. In addition, RUCONBAR has been awarded the ARCA Prix at the International Innovation Exhibition – ARCA 2012. For orientation, 46,4 t of recycled rubber granules, obtained by recycling 7 800 waste car tyres, can be used for manufacturing 1 kilometre of noise barriers 3 m in height (3 000 m^2 of barriers).

Regarding Stage of Development Interested in sale to end user.
Possible client Companies in construction of motorways and railways, Communal companies, City authorities….
More information Beton Lučko d.o.o.

Puškarićeva 1b, 10250 Lučko, Croatia

Tel: +385 (0)1 6599 742; +385 (0)1 6530 070

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)




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