Title Laboratory for smartphones for in-terrain water quality, food quality and body liquids parameters measurement
Description of the technology Technology integrating UV, visible and infrared spectroscopy into modules for smartphones enables fast in-terrain measurement of water quality/toxicity (water chemical compounds), food quality or unwanted compounds detection (such as gluten), or body liquids parameters (such as albumin/creatinine in urine).

It saves money and time connected with transport of the samples to laboratory together with necessary laboratory analysis.

 Keywords Water, food, Quality, toxicity, Smartphone, Cell-phone, Body liquids, Urine, Albumine, Creatinine, Water pH, Food compounds, Gluten, Caffeine, In-terrain, Laboratory, Spectroscopy, Infrared
Stage of Development Development from prototype to final product
Language of communication English, Czech, Slovak
Possible client Companies to cooperate with to produce the versions for various practical applications (gluten detection, caffeine detection in coffee, water parameters measurement,…).
Contact point nemcova.m@fce.vutbr.cz
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)