Name of eco-innovation offerInnovative process for preparing catalysts for better and cheaper hydrogen fuel cells
Company / organisationNational Institute of Chemistry,
Institute and academy of multimedia
Type of organisationResearch and Development, Academia
Description of required eco-innovation / solution / technology / resource / knowledge / product / service In hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen gas is passed from a storage vesel to be combined with oxygen from the air in the presence of a catalyst is converted into electricity and the only by-product of water.
Innovation is an unknown process so far that enables the preparation of catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells with outstanding properties, as well as other types of catalysts and products from precious metals. The team cooperates with a Slovenian company that uses the catalyst to create the core of a hydrogen fuel cell – a membrane electrode assembly (MEA), where hydrogen and oxygen conversion into electricity is under way. Recently, they also signed a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) with one of the leading international companies in the market for catalysts as well as precious metals.
BackgroundThe innovation was developed within the scope of reserach activities of the National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia and won first place of the anual award of the Rector of the University of Ljubljana for best innovation in 2019 by displaying outstanding results. The team responsible for developing the eco-innovation consisted of two  member from the National Institute of Chemistry and one member from the Institute and academy of multimedia .
Preferred form(s) of cooperation, collaborationTypes of cooperation:
Reserach and development partners; Investors; Final users in different applications; Promotional activities
Language(s) of communicationSlovenian, English
Contact at the company / organisationNational Institute of Chemistry
Hajdrihova ulica 19,
1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 (0)1 476 02 00