Environmentally friendly pesticides
Biological protection against insects in forestry exists and continues to produce a number of new products. Since there is a wide variety of organisms, the ways of their destruction are also different. No universal solutions that are able to deal with all kinds of these organisms exist.

One of the ways of biological protection is elimination by entomopathogenic bacteria and fungi. Sprays containing bacteria applied to the leaves of trees cause death after contact with the pesticide. However, there are a number of insects that cause damage to the crop and are not affected by these pesticides. National Forestry Center of the Slovak Republic, come up with mushrooms that provides resolution on insects living under the bark of trees, or deep in the grass.

These sensitive mushrooms are additionally protected against weather changes, sunlight, temperature fluctuations etc.. It is therefore a stable preparation to bring the entomopathogenic organism into contact with the pest that causes its extinction.

Keywords Biotechnology
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 Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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