Title Automation device controlling other devices in a smart way
Technology deployment Chockie is a automation device for b2b clients (small hotels, offices and enterprises). It can decrease electricity bills, while controlling Air-Conditioners and other devices in a smart way. This can be done manually, through smartphone or chockie’s web site.

The main innovation with this product comes from the smart usage of electricity devices, mainly air conditioners. This is done by small trackers which are providing information about the location of the users. Based on that the information is used for controlling the devices, for example ACs will heating/cooling only when there is a need. For this eco innovative solution our target users are hotels and small businesses where the main expenses are related to electricity consumption. This will decrease the damage on the environment, will improve the efficiency and increase the customer profit

Keywords Energy saving, technologies
Comments Finished product available to use since 1.06.2017
Regarding Stage of Development Sale to end user
Type and size of client:
Possible client small hotels, offices and enterprises
More information cci-vr@online.bg




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