Tittle A design company – DIMET, specified in the field of innovative classic piston and innovative turbine engines with internal combustion. The offered technology is an engine stationary turbine vessel, has its both ends coaxial, transverse, ecentric flanges through whoe outer parallel face walls are made peripheral connecting openings and oil-leading channels which are in their lowest part and are joined to an oil carter which is hermetically connected to the vessel in whose walls are made liquid cooling chambers.
Technology description The invetion relates to a turbine internal combustion turbo engine, small-sized, with higher rotating moment and higher efficiency, whcih can be operated by an operator and/or by a programmable logial controller. The engine turbine is housedin the turbine vessel of the engine and rotates resting in its bearing hubs. To reach the anticipated degree of preliminary thickness of the air-fuel mixture or of the air, the working chambers of the engine are forcibly fed with high-pressure air.
Keywordstransport infrastructure, design of vehicles, hybrid and electric vehicles, energy production
Type and size of the clientsSME, University, Financial agreement, joint venture agreement, manufacturing agreement, technical cooperatin agreement
Stage of developmentunder development/ lab tested
Language of communicationenglish and bulgarian
Contact pointVeselin Tsvetkov, cci-vr@cci-vratsa.org, +359 92 6608 73
Project co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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