Title Next generation botanical extraction system
Technology deployment Bulgarian SME developer and manufacturer of innovative natural safer, faster and cheaper extraction systems producing a higher yield in shorter time is searching for a partnership under commercial agreements with technical assistance. Producers of oils, food ingredients etc but also re-sellers are sought for introducing the system and jointly developing specific applications.

Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing of next generation botanical extraction systems is dedicated on development of natural extraction technology with minimum impact to the end product. Utilizing a Low pressure Liquefied Gas Extraction Technology (LPE), the company’s solution is cheaper, faster and better than the currently most popular CO2 and butane extraction technologies. The company owns the IP (intellectual property), know-how and the global exclusive rights to the application of LPE. This solution allows for extraction of dry, fresh, and frozen plants.

Keywords Extrusion, extraction, gas extraction, botanical, bio chem tech
Comments The company is waiting for 2 patent applications to be granted
Regarding Stage of Development Already on the market. Patents applied for, but not yet granted.
Type and size of client:
Possible client Industry SME
More information cci-vr@online.bg
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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