Title Agroscout Ltd.

Agroscout Ltd. is a quick growing company, staring at the future. We are trying to integrate new digital technologies and models in to Bulgarian agricultural. According to our experience, the digitalization is the next step our farmers should take. Our motto is “Give a wings to your yields”.

Technology deployment    If precision technology drove the farming revolution of recent years, monitoring crops from the sky using drones will drive the next, as agronomists, agricultural engineers and farmers turn to UAVs (or UAS) to gain better crop insights and more accurately plan and manage their operations.

A drone provides a holistic view of a crop’s growth, enabling ag professionals to quickly and precisely identify issues, and better target their filed scouting. Multi-year drone data also facilitates the better planning and monitoring of improvements like ditches and fertiliser applications.

Drone data can be employed to extract soil characteristics such as temperature, moisture, slope, elevation and more, enabling more accurate soil sampling and the production of more suitable seeding prescriptions.

Professionals like agronomists are increasingly employing drone data to better understand which plants emerge, their population and spacing metrics. This information can then drive replanting decisions, thinning and pruning activity, and improve crop models.

High – resolution drone data allows ag professionals to assess the vigour of crops at different stages of growth, allowing teams to apply just the right rates of fertiliser, reduce wastage and optimise crop health and production.

The results of assessing stress and crop growth by drone can also help guide the proper and efficient application of crop protection products, allowing finely tuned applications that meet the exact needs of each acre.

On – demand, high – resolution drone data is perfect for capturing and accurately reporting events that lead to economics loss, such as crop injury, destruction and reduced health, providing a detailed digital record that can drive a more efficient adjustment process.

In addition to crop – specific activities such as health monitoring, drones equipped with RGB and/or thermal infrared cameras suit the planning and troubleshooting of irrigation systems, helping professionals to manage their water across an operation.

Drone data, collected at critical growth stages throughout the growing season, can help agronomists and ag engineers to improve their model, predictions and planning. The result is that teams can better anticipate both a harvest’s quality and final yield.

Keywords We have focused on two products – Scout and Nitro Scout.

Locate problem spots quickly, easily, and with extreme precision. Using our service “Scout”, you will get a detailed map of the field giving information on the health of the crop.

   The exact amount of fertilizer delivered at the right time and at the right place – is the basis for profitable farming. That is what you will achieve using Nitro Scout.

Stage of development Our services are available for end customers.
Type and size of the clients Every single farmer, no matter how many hectares is the cultivation area of the farm.
Language of communication Bulgarian, English
Contact point cci-vr@@online.bg+359 92 66 02 73;
Notice Project co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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