This virtual lab is created as part of the EcoInn Danube project co-funded by the Interreg Danube Programme.
General objective of the EcoInn Danube project is to enhance cooperation of innovation actors in the field of ecoinnovations with special emphasis on development and application of ecotechnologies in the Danube Region.

Project main pillars: 

1. Increase transnational cooperation in ecoinnovations – The only effective way how to face enviro problems is a joint transnational effort. THE aim is to interconnect and survey needs and requirements of all elements of the ecoinnovation cycle: general public/consumers intensively demanding new eco-products and services; producers/small and medium enterprises (SMEs) forced to produce ecologically;  Research & Development institutions generating new eco-oriented ideas; public institutions and 3rd sector calling for a green production.

2. Increase the match of demand and supply in ecoinnovation – Producers are forced to look for eco solutions enabling them to perform a greener production. Researchers perform environmental research which is often not problem solving oriented. Our aim is therefore to increase the match of demand of producers and supply of researchers in order to support an applied environmentally oriented research which will lead to the development of new ecotechnologies with a practical application. Smart tools for easing this matching are introduced and adopted.

3. Bring eco innovation actors together – Innovators´ and researchers´ lack of practical skills and opportunities for application of their ideas. Business supporters and producers lack of information on talents and new ecotechnologies. Aim is to improve business, eco knowledge transfer and IPR skills of ecoinnovators, to offer a space to present their ideas.