Title Sintering 3D printing head
Basic technology outline 3D printing innovation

Innovative three dimensional powder material print head

Allows to process composite waste plastic powder materials

Innovation with impact on lowering price of the technology, operating costs and input materials as well as broadening the scope of the input materials

Technology deployment Parts prototypes special special shapes low series

Suitable for manufacturing a broad range of products from composite materials

Allows to produce products made of powder compounds containing wood, granite and other additives

Economacally convenient solution for 3D printing of lower series, prototyppes and special shaped parts

Advantages over currently used solutions Final products price of the techmology price of materials

Final products printing (not medels as common 3D printers do)

Allows sintering in local nitrogen atmosphere (nitrogen is pre-heated for increase in effectivity of sintering)

Low acqusition price of the technology and service parts

Low operation costs (low input power)

Low price of input materials (use of waste materials from plastic products manufacturing)

Low friction index of printed products

Option of instalation of common 3D powder bed & inkjet head printers

Current status of technology Patent protected technology prototype

utility model application field (5031-2016)

Successfuly tested prototype in operation conditions

More information alena.kojdiakova@cvtisr.sk
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)




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