Title Growing edible mushrooms on waste
Description of ecotechnology We are growing edible oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds. In 2017 we recycled 40 tons of coffee grounds and made 6 tons of mushrooms out of it – in 2018 we will allmost double this numbers. The main advantage is the upcycling of an urban waste (700 tons of coffeegrounds per week only in Vienna) an the production of a healthy, local food for the people of Vienna. Cargo bike transport included. Became curious? Watch our animated graphics at www.hutundstiel.at
Description of offer We offer mushroom and mushroom-derived products as well as workshops, training participants to establish similar mushroom-production-systems in their home countries. We share our eco-startup-experiences.
Keywords mushroom, coffeegrounds, upcycling, urban, cargobike, local food production, urban farming, reduce waste – produce taste
Location Vienna, Austria
Contact, URL Manuel Bornbaum





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