Description of the technology The Czech start Aqua Ads is coming with advertising technology friendly to environment.

Thanks to an unique technology Aqua Ads offers creation of advertising inscriptions and slogans on pavements and roads through a water ray that consumes only a little of water. It is a very interesting alternative and ecological solution to classic outdoor advertising. The paintings and inscriptions are created by its own special machine.

This machine works much like a high pressure washer.

Eco advertising will last about 3 months.

Technological difficulty and their beneficial activities in the public space allow them to obtain all the necessary permits for the application of Aqua Ads

 Keywords Water advertising, Wastewater cleaning
Advantages The goal of the Aqua Ads is to improve the environment of the cities through less annoying and more environmental-friendly advertising.

This start-up promotes a simple, elegant, artistic design that does not require paper, dyes or chemicals.

Stage of Development Sale to end-user
Finished product available to use since 1.2.2016
Language of communication  English, Czech, Slovak,
Possible client Any customer who wants environmentally friendly form of advertising
More information http://aquaads.cz
Contact point bicbrno@bicbrno.cz




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