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Eco solutions for every quest. Let us join hands and make the Earth a better place to live.

Driving Global Eco-Innovations Through Enhanced Collaboration

Every eco contribution matters, but worthy collaborations can create a spark that lights the whole world.

Increase transnational cooperation in eco innovations

Bringing nations together onto one platform to enhance the innovations in eco-innovations and create greener opportunities.

Increase The Match Of Demand And Supply In Eco innovation

This platform creates a wonderful chance to bridge the gap between the global contributors and benefactors of eco solutions.

Bring Eco Innovation Actors Together

The stewards of eco-innovations can be found everywhere. The problem is they are scattered. Our goal is to unite them in one place.

Virtual lab

On Virtual lab user can find matches for their eco-solution needs or send us their request for eco-solutions and their eco-technologies. Requests will be published on Virtual lab.

I want to Offer my eco-solution

Have an incredible idea to make a greener earth? Pitch it to us and see it go global.

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Looking for an eco-innovative solution for your business or community? Find it here

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Our portal is overflowing with ideas and solutions. Find as many as you want and make a change!

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Are you looking for an eco-technology you could use in your company? Do you want to create eco-technology for other companies? You can find the offers here.


It is high time you show your ideas to the right audience

Have you created eco-friendly technology?

Share your vision and become a visionary. Let innovation and opportunity converge.

Do you want to share it with investors

Let's grow together! We help you monetize your ideas by pitching them to the right investors.

Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Are you still clueless? Join the workshop to learn more and become a part of the eco-innovative community.


Get to know about eco-innovation from scratch. Learn to generate new ideas and find new ways to contribute.

Funding Strategies

Every idea has the potential to generate profits. The crux lies in taking your ideas to the right place at the right time.

Eco-Design Principles

Eco-innovation is backed by eco-design principles. Add structure and nuance to your project through these principles.

Green Business Model Validation

Learn to evaluate the viability and scalability of your ideas. This will help you better research, refine, and redefine them.

Intellectual Property Right

Know how to protect your innovation using intellectual property rights. Don't worry- we will never use them for free.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Find new ways to reach out to people. Tell them how your eco-innovative ideas can change their business world. Win hearts!

Latest News & Updates

Technological Route to Sustainability

Eco-Innovations: Charting a Technological Route to Sustainability

In today’s world, the constant challenge to balance economic growth and environmental sustainability is becoming ever more pressing. As natural resources dwindle and the consequences of climate change manifest in increasingly severe ways, the call for innovative solutions has never …
Tech and sustainable

Eco-innovation: How To Strategize Innovation and Sustainability

In the era of rapid technological advancements and escalating environmental concerns, eco-innovation emerges as a crucial paradigm. It intertwines the brilliance of innovative strategies with the pressing need for environmental sustainability. As a concept, eco-innovation transcends beyond the mere development …
Development and Commercialisation

Development and Commercialisation of Eco-Innovations

In a world grappling with environmental crises like climate change, resource depletion, and pollution, the importance of eco-innovations has never been more pronounced. Eco-innovations represent new products, processes, or applications designed to minimize environmental harm and maximize sustainable use of …


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Eco-innovative has helped me generate thoughtful ideas. They let my ideas float and then helped me analyze their potential, which is something I could never have done myself.
David M. Gallardo
Despite having the right idea, my business didn't move an inch. After I put my ideas here, there was no stopping. My business took a leap from nothing to everything.
Fred C. Evans
Eco innovative is on the mission to create sustainable practices. I found all my eco-friendly solutions in their virtual lab. If you are not with them, you can be nowhere.
Linda L. Ransdell