Zero emission water going multi-purpose vehicle
Looking for
We are in search of research partners and equipment suppliers for developing an innovative zero emission multi-purpose water going vessel. The vessel shall be based on two types of power trains (2 different vessels), battery electric and PEM fuel cell with hydrogen storage (high-pressure vs. metal hydride) and will demonstrate superiority in terms of autonomy (5 hours) and operation/maintenance (user friendly resupply with fuel/battery change). The vehicle will feature hydrofoils to reduce drag (energy consumption) and modular design in order to be easily customizable for various applications (recreation and sports, research, monitoring, search and rescue, etc.). The organization will take over the role of the coordinator of local/national partners (enterprises, business support organizations, research institutions and academia) participating in the development process.
Stage of Development Product concept
Form of cooperation Purchase of equipment, co-development of products (requirements of beneficiary partner), joint research activities, testing, demonstration and promotion
Language of communication English, Slovenian, Serbian
Key Words
Agriculture, horticulture, nutrients, cultivation, plants, sensors, monitoring system, IT, automatization, hydroponic systems
More information For additional information please communicate with the contact point.
Contact point Niko Natek
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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