Title Drinking water Technology
Description of the technology
As the owners and developers of the Virgin Water Cleansing Technology decided to create a complex Know-How and Technology Transfer Program what we would offer to those who would like to join to our franchise system anywhere in the world; so they can became the owners and operators of a water cleaning factory that would manufacture the world’s cleanest, highest premium quality drinking water with very high profit.Our company recognised in September 2016 that we should not outsource the end product: Virgin Water to abroad but to transfer the production technology and its know-how to any part of the world. This technology and know-how would contain the production technologies put together in a compact and mobile container of 40 feet, in a water laboratory. Furthermore it would include the right to use the Virgin Water brand name together with the custom-made shaped bottle with its cliché.

We believe that Virgin Water as an end-product would perfectly accommodate to any needs of the sophisticated market taken its quality and appearance into consideration. Using our concept for any consumer the Virgin Water could be reachable even as your own brand.

We continuously work on enlarging our supplies.

The main object with our latest product was environmental consciousness and the recognition that packed water must meet the all the requirements from pregnant women to office managers, from any child to any grandmother, for everyone!

Our product: the Virgin Water is not a simple mineral water but it is a living drinking water with high purity, in what the dissolved mineral content is below 10 mg/l! With its unique attributions provides the original function of the water within the body and at the same time supports the cellular metabolic processes.

Advantages ULTRA CLEAN The Virgin Water is an ultra-clean drinking water – results of 10 years research and development 100%HEALTH The dissolved mineral content of Virgin Water is exceptionally low: it’s below 10 mg/l

HEALTH CONSCIOUS NUTRITION Thanks to its purity and low mineral content it can be part of health conscious nutrition

Form of cooperation Sale of licence
Product available to use since 1.09.2016
Language of communication  English
Website For more information, click here
Contact point danube  (at)  djnkft.hu
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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