Name of eco-innovation demandWaste disposal – elector waste
Company / organisationComenius University Science Park
Description of required eco-innovation / solution / technology / resource / knowledge / product / serviceDisposal of used batteries and small electrical waste for CUSP: Nowadays, the problem with the processing of electrical waste is growing. Massive production of electrical appliances, and our present way of life constantly increase the demand for new goods. Electrical appliances and their components are part of the toxic and hazardous waste dumps. Therefore, we at CUSP are looking for opportunities to improve our environmental approach and pursue a policy of being environmentally friendly with focus on minimizing waste from its inception. We separate plastics, glass and paper, and our other vision is to eliminate electrical waste, especially flashlights, and small electrical appliances in the most environmentally friendly way.
BackgroundLooking for:
-Services that are less burdensome for the environment and use less natural resources
Services of using resources more efficiently (technologies that save energy when disposing of waste)
Preferred form(s) of cooperation, collaborationService for separation and disposal of electro waste in the best environmental way
Language(s) of communicationEnglish, Slovak
Contact at the company / organisationCUSP, Renata Tesařová,
KeywordsSeparation – disposal of electro waste


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