TitleAir pollution control systems, gas cleaning and dust catching for all industrial sectors through the agency of relevant, internationally leading companies, possessing know-how, technologies and equipment for cleaning of flue gases and dust-air flows, released from stationary combustion sources, production plants or separate working machines.

Technology deployment

The services submitted by us, are as follows:
1. Assistance for preparation of the necessary Technical Assignment.
2. Assistance for receiving the necessary Project Technical Solution
3. Assistance for implementation of the Project, through coordinating the execution of the Contract with our partner, for whom we have undertaken the agency on the territory of Bulgaria.
We need just to be informed for your problems in relation with the air pollution, owing to the flue gases, released from your production, or the pollution of the air in your workshops.
We will help you to prepare a complete technical inquiry, wich is a prerequisite to receive the rightest technical solution, with its subsequent implementation.
Our purpose is to assist you, successfully to coop with the task and not to be a polluter of the environment, as well as to meet the latest requirements of the air purity norms in the ambient and in your workshops and premises.
For achieving this Objectives, you can rely to a responsibility and a serious attitude in terms of the commitments undertaken by us.

dust catching, gas cleaning, electric filters, bag-house filters
Stage of development sale to end user
Type and size of the clients SMEs, factories, municipalities
Language of communication English and Bulgarian
Contact point Veselin Tsvetkov, cci-vr@cci-vratsa.org, +359 92 66 08 73
Project co-funded by the European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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