Tourism on a sustainable and edutaining way: zero energy and minimal waste mode
Description of the technology We own and operate Ladybird Farm Leisure Center (Katica Tanya Élményközpont). We have 200 beds in various types of accommodation, restaurant and a leisure park with over 100 attractions. We entertain 75,000 guest in a year and realize over 11,000 guest nights. We follow a strict development policy: we develop only such attractions that does not consume energy, or if they do we provide it from renewable sources.

We do not use gas and apply dozens of energy efficient solutions. We use rain water extensively and drinking water only when it is consumed by humans.

We also pay great attention to the waste management. We treat our sewage water with ecological plants, collect waste selectively and our guests can pay 10% of their entrance fee with reusable waste such as PET, alu cans and paper

Keywords Pay with waste, renewable energy, zero carbon footprint, sustainable tourism, ecological sewage treatment, efficient water use, zero energy solution
Language of communication English, Germany
Contact point Ladybird Farm Leisure Center (Katica Tanya Élményközpont)

 Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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