Title The AquaQube device
Technology deployment Generally, the aim of AquaQube is to give people the opportunity to have life with as little chemical influence as possible. Because they already have too much chemicals in their life and with current lifestyle it is quite impossible to decrease it. AquaQube is an innovative device that increases the quality of life of its users via 2 modes – Drinking water and Active water. In the Drinking water mode, the water is purified by Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) and bacteria, viruses, parazites, chlorine or other chemicals are eliminated. In the Active water mode, water with dissolved active oxygen is created. This active oxygen works as an ecological disinfectant as it reacts with any impurities it encounters. Active water has tons of applications but one of the favourite ones are: prolonging freshness of fruit, vegetables or meat by a multiple of 2 to 3, removing chemicals or pesticides from the surface of fruit/vegetables, ecological disinfection of surfaces at homes – instead of chemicals, using Active water instead of a mouthwash.
To sum up, the advantages AquaQube has – it has Active water mode, extremely high purification efficiency, very economical solution, all water can be used (no water loss), no installation is required – just needs to be plugged into a socket, low energy consumption, user-friendliness and nice design.Product is suitable for both households and businesses.
Drinking water, Active water
Comments Regarding Stage of Development Finished product available to use since 1.11.2017

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    Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)



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