Name of eco-innovation demandTechnology solution for reuse of rain water at Fuel Retail Stations
Company / organisationShell Hungary Zrt.
Type of organisationPrivate Company
Description of required eco-innovation / solution / technology / resource / knowledge / product / serviceShell Hungary Zrt. is looking for a 
technology solution for reuse of rain water at Fuel Retail Stations
BackgroundShell Hungary has 190 retail sites with more than 3 million customers per month.
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Description of challenge to be solvedWe would like to find an eco-solution for Water Management specifically collecting and directing rain water into existing water usage systems: (drain water, car wash, etc.)

We are opened to any kind of eco-innovative solution that reuses/recyles rainwater.

Would like to pilot the offered solution on two stations in Budapest and dependent on results scale up to the other stations would be desirable.

Further information that the organisation would like to share:
Shell Sustainaibilty Report 2018
Preferred stage of development of solutionPreferred stage of development of the solution / technology: 
All levels of development considered.

Technology readiness level (TRL):
Preferred form(s) of cooperation, collaboration-Development from prototype to final product
-Open to negotiation
Language(s) of communicationEnglish, Hungarian
Contact at the company / organisationFor more information, technical requests please contact the organisation: 
Mónika Pataki and Csaba Hatházi
Shell Hungary Zrt.
Email: Monika-Eva.Pataki <at>
Email: csaba.hathazi <at>