Demand for eco-solutions

Food Innovation

Do you work and experiment in the food sector? Join up with a partner in agriculture and develop a truly sustainable innovation that might have a global impact on the food ecosystem! The EcoInn consortium would lke to see Danube Region countries among the winners of the “Innovation Prizes”, worth Read more…

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Demand for eco-solutions

Sensor systems for monitoring plant nutrients dissolved in irrigation water

Sensor systems for monitoring plant nutrients in water in real time Looking for The company is searching for innovative low-cost sensoring and data acquisition solutions, for monitoring macro- and micro- plant nutrients in closed-loop hydroponic systems which they could integrate within their existing products. The sensors should provide NRT (near Read more…

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Offers of eco-solutions

Make plants withstand climate change

Category Agriculture, Microbiology Description of ecotechnology Climate change poses serious stress on plants, leading to substantial loss in agriculture. Likewise, heat, prolonged drought and traffic emissions challenge urban vegetation to the very limit. Plant death means loss of substantial investments, both for agriculture and greening-up initiatives in cities. We offer Read more…

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AgroCares Lab-in-a-box

AgroCares Lab-in-a-box is the most complete, fast, affordable and reliable solution to test nutrients on-site. Users have direct access to services only laboratories could provide until now, testing up to 22,500 nutrient samples a year themselves without any previous lab experience.

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