Name of eco-innovation demand Sustainable solution for aircraft de-icing, or recycling the used liquid (business innovation)
Company / organisation Budapest Airport Zrt.
Country Hungary
Description of required eco-innovation / solution / technology / resource / knowledge / product / service Budapest Airport Zrt is looking for an environmentally friendly solution regarding airplane de-icing.
Background Budapest Airport Zrt has been developing its environmental performance for years.
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Description of challenge to be solved De-icing is operated by ground handler companies, however cleaning machines are operated by the airport operator, therefore a possible cooperation would be necessary in this case. Negotiations have already started as all ground handler companies present are members of the Greenairport program, the sustainable initiative of the airport.

De-icing agents are compounds made up of chemical glycol and hot water, which we aim to switch to a more environmentally friendly material.

The technology already exists, however the challenge in this project is to transform it into a sustainable business solution.

Alternative solution would be to ‘swipe up’ the de-icing liquids from the apron area and recycle it to win back the glycol that could be used again.
Preferred stage of development of solution Preferred stage of development of the solution / technology:
Technology readiness level (TRL): TRL 6 or above.

TRL 6.    technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies);
TRL 7. System prototype demonstration in operational environment;
TRL 8. System complete and qualified;
TRL 9. Actual system proven in operational environment (competitive manufacturing in the case of key enabling technologies)
Preferred form(s) of cooperation, collaboration Open to negotiation
Language(s) of communication English, Hungarian
Contact at the company / organisation For more information, technical requests please contact the organisation:

Budapest Airport Zrt.
BUD International Airport
1185 Budapest
Email: kornyezetvedelem <at>
Keywords #eco