Since 2015 the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna, Austria) each year rewards outstanding achievements in the field of sustainability. This year´s winner is Miriam Lettner with her PhD thesis on “Rethinking technology and product development in the context of the emerging bioeconomy”. Her work reflects bioeconomy-based innovations from several perspectives: research, development and market. It introduces the sustainable innovation readiness level (SIRL), derived from the commonly used technology readiness level (TRL).

“SIRL provides a common knowledge platform for understanding the economic and environmental maturity of bio-based innovations, in line with its technological maturity. The concept of SIRL aims to support the diffusion of bio-based innovations, from the fundamental research stage to product and market introduction, allowing a rethinking of technology and product development.” (Lettner, 2019).



Lettner, M. 2018, Rethinking technology and product management in the context of the emerging bioeconomy: the concept of sustainable innovation readiness level (SIRL), PhD thesis, BOKU,Vienna.