Poduhvat: windturbines for urban environment

The two brothers Predag and Nenad Paunovic from Serbia invented a new concept for windturbines and founded their starup Poduhvat DOO. At the Green Innovation and Investmet Forum 2018 in Stuttgart they presented their innovative ideas to compete for the first place in the group of the „early stage start ups“.

The limits of today power systems:

At present urban environments are dependent on large centralized power sys­tems that are often nonrenewable. This increases the cost of power transmission and makes them highly vulnerable at power outages. Current renewable energy solutions, especially wind turbines above 1kW are too robust as well as unsafe to be used in cities. So the entrepreneurs found a niche for their technology.

The VETAR wind turbines allow meaningful wind power output (15kW per turbine) in urban and hard to reach areas. It sharply widens urban wind energy application and directly affects increase of clean energy sources applica­tion and CO2 emission reduction. According to the brothers, their turbines can even be considered healthy, because they are reducing implementations of cancerous insecti­cides in the air and they benefit human (and animal) health by not killing birds and bats.

New design, new possibilities:

Their turbines are already protected by an international patent and easy to be mass-produced by use of injection molding machines which lowers their price. At the same time quality, visual outlook and reliability as well as their wide area of implementation trough a family of relat­ed products in residential and industrial area, makes this high-tech product unique. But Predag and Nenad want to create more than just a profitable start-Up, they use their idea to create a better future and a cleaner environment especially in urban areas. That’s why they considered their turbines to be even more efficient: they can in fact also be used as solar panels and can be upgraded with telecommunication and observance packs. Potentially, they can therefore be used by everyone from individuals, to households, SMEs, large corporations, airports, transport companies, ports, military, first and crisis responders, scientific facilities. The market potential is estimated to be worth 1.5 trillion USD.

Do you want to hear some tips and discover from where the two brother got their ideas from? Than watch the interview from the GIIF 2018: