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Croatian company has developed new «green» construction technologies based on constant insulation formwork, which is in its form component part of the final reinforced concrete structure. Compare to traditional methods of construction this technology ensures saving up to 30%. Additional savings are realized due to unneeded mechanization. SQE enables the construction of low-power facilities, which reduces costs through energy efficiency 30% to 70%.
Further information High-quality technologies for building applications SQE system allows the efficient performance of construction, installation and finishing works in the interior and exterior. The SQE system includes the elements of insulation paneling of high bearing capacity for walls and ceilings, made of expanded polystyrene (the EPS – the polystyrene) densities 30 kg / m³ or Neopor (which consists of graphitic particles that reflect thermal radiation like a mirror, reducing thermal losses and considerably increases the insulation capacity) and polypropylene variable «ties». SQE «ties» link the panels in formwork, carry and distance reinforcement in the formwork, carrying the final interior and exterior lining. All SQE elements are not hazardous for health and environment, create a pleasant microclimate environment and meet all technical standards and regulations on environmental protection.
The technology is patented worldwide, has won numerous awards (WIPO, Nikola Tesla Award, Green Mark, Greenovation 2013) and joining the EU get ETA (European technical approval).
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Green construction technologies, SQE element assembly, SQE technology
Language of communicationCroatian, English
More informationPjer d.o.o.
Contact person: Paula Veličković
T: 00385 98 478 383
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)



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