Title Somogy Metál in waste management
Description of ecotechnology Somogy Metál Ltd. was in 2007 established. We are dealing with the purchase of metal, paper and hazardous waste (batteries) from private individuals and companies in our factory in Kaposvár industrial area. In addition we started in 2008 with another branch office located in Komló.
Our company plays a decisive role in Somogy County and we deliver with our own trucks. We consider the professional and efficient satisfaction of the needs of both our retail and public partners to be important. We have a disposable container for collecting waste. Our work is supported by our own lift and crane cars and our semi-trailer. All of our vehicles are best qualified and meet the environmental requirements set by the European Union. Our primary goal is to keep recycling and environmental awareness in mind, so we operate our site in the light of these principles. Our factory has various regulatory permits what comply with national and EU regulations and allows storing hazardous and non-hazardous waste in a professional and regular manner. Somogy Metál Ltd. presents in domestic and foreign trade. Our foreign destinations include primary Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy.
Description of demand We are looking for recycling technology that solves the utilization of cardboard paper, car plastic parts and tires in an efficient way.
Keywords waste management, recycling, cardboard paper,carplactic, efficiency, tires
Location Kaposvár, Hungary
Contact Zoltán Váldi




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