Name of eco-innovation offer Socially responsible management of waste oils
Company / organisation
BOLJE, družba za odgovorno ravnanje z odpadki, d.o.o., so.p.
Type of organisationSocial enterprise
Description of required eco-innovation / solution / technology / resource / knowledge / product / serviceUnlike classic paraffin candles, candles are from waste vegetable oil oils. Compared to candles made from fresh oils or beeswax, our candles are made from a renewable source – a waste that does not in any way interfere with the food chain. Their key raw material is entirely local in nature, while other waxes are produced in our distant places, and their transport unnecessarily burdens the environment. Our candles are absolutely neutral and proven to be healthy and environmentally friendly. They burn up to 25 percent longer and at a lower temperature than paraffin candles. The cotton wool used in our candles contains no lead or nickel compounds. As a result, they are less planted and, in addition, do not release dangerous substances to the health of people. Our candles contain exceptional quality and completely non-toxic laboratory-based fragrances, which replace essential oils. We do not use essential oils, since their production is very prolonged and demanding, expensive and in most cases environmentally unsustainable. We trust the advantages of sustainable, responsible and safe chemical engineering. The production of candles from waste oils represents the most environmentally friendly way of treating this waste, as no dangerous chemicals are used in the process of processing, and it requires significantly less energy than in the case of the processing of waste edible oils in other products, fuels. Our candles have been tested and validated for their low negative impacts on the environment and human health.
Background In the BOLJE social enterprise, we have chosen an innovative and somewhat different way of processing waste edible oil, whose final products are more environmentally friendly and healthier than existing ones and also have high added value. The company produces plant candles and make-up kits from selected, cleaned and treated waste edible oil, with which everyone can make his own candle from this waste. By doing this, we want to create new jobs for the most difficult people, and to prove that something can be changed for the better, even if this is not possible at first glance. With the generated revenues, in line with our mission and sectoral legislation, we will co-finance the supporting and accompanying programs of the Ozara Slovenia humanitarian organization, the founder of the social enterprise BOLJE, and develop and upgrade our businesess activities.
Description of challenge to be solvedClassic paraffin candles occupying the largest market share are not environmentally friendly. Paraffin belongs to non-renewable sources, as it is obtained by dry distillation of brown coal and by-products – petroleum products. They contain many other substances and should be cleaned before use. Paraffin may be harmful if swallowed, as it may cause serious damage to the lungs. Burning candles release toxins, including well-known carcinogens. When burning paraffin, soot is produced which are dangerous if inhaled. The particles can end up deep in the lungs and are especially dangerous to people with asthma or diseases of the lungs and heart. Vegetable candles, such as e.g. candles made from soybean or bee wax, are significantly more friendly to the environment and people’s health than paraffin candles. Their key weakness is that they encroach on the food chain because they are made of fresh raw materials that they could otherwise use for food. In addition, these candles are extremely expensive and unavailable to many customers.
Preferred form(s) of cooperation, collaborationTransnational partnership; Business model replication; Sale to end user; Promotion
Language(s) of communicationEnglish, Slovenian
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BOLJE, družba za odgovorno ravnanje z odpadki, d.o.o., so.p.
Trstenjakova ul. 8,
Murska Sobota 9000, Slovenia
T: +386 (0)1 62 00 422