Title SELF PROP RAIL – Self-propelled bulk carriage
SELF PROP RAIL brings to the market a new, innovative self-propelled bulk carriage that does not need a locomotive for shuffling and moving during cargo unloading processes and at the same time can discharge required amounts of construction materials precisely where needed. The carriage saves energy, human resources and shortens the time of transportation and unloading. It is cost and time efficient, it enables point-to-point transportation, and there is no need for cost-intensive cargo manipulation machinery for freight handling or time-intensive coupling and reloading processes.
Keywords rail transport, bulk carriage, freight handling
Regarding Stage of Development Product ready for sale to end user.
Possible client Companies in railway transport
More information
Railway-Carriages Factory Cakovec Ltd.
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)

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