Title OrgiseedFix
Technology deployment SeedForward developed a solution which both has a positive impact on the plant health and growth as well as on the ecosystem soil. Our innovative seed coating, exclusively consists of organic ingredients with a broad range of effects, e.g. increase of nutrient uptake, water use efficiency, etc.
Comment • Reduced water demand for seed germination and plant growth
• Placing and binding of nutrients in the rhizosphere and a slow release of nutrients
• Protection against seed and soil borne pathogens
• Increase of plant vigour and improved plant growthBased on our unique composition, we increase the application comfort for the enduser.
We can design the coating according to different soil types, crop types and
climatic conditions. Trials showed, amongst other benefits, increased root growth (up
to 84%), and shoot growth (up to 50%).
Keyword organic coating, seed preparation, growth enhancement
Regarding Stage of Development We already have a functioning prototype. Added value:
• Seed protection (especially for organic farmers), thus less production risks
• Less fertilizers, thus less costs
• More resilient plants in times of extreme weather patterns
• Improved sowing precision, and thus cost savings on seeds
Possible clients In the EU the market share shifts towards organic seed treatments. For the global organic seed market, a growth rate of 11% is expected. Farmers are the end users and partly customers—while seed producers and agricultural cooperatives are interim customers and distribution partners.
More information www.seedforward.de


Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)



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