Name Recycling of composite plastic materials, mixed plastic materials and glass
Company / institution: DOGAMA DOO Zrenjanin
Country:     Serbia
Segment:Scrap and waste materials management, new construction materials and green technology systems (Environment-friendly). (Biotechnology, water purification, air purification, waste and scrap materials management, new construction materials, energy-efficient technologies, green technology systems, other)
Description of eco-technology
/ Summary of the offer
Our technology reduces the number of operations in the process of recycling non-hazardous scrap materials, reduces energy consumption necessary for the thermal processing of the non-hazardous scrap materials and includes non-hazardous scrap materials in the recycling process which were not recyclable before. Those materials were either incinerated or piled-up in the landfills in lack of an economically efficient and applicable recycling technology solution.
Forms of cooperation looking forIntermediation in selling the technology license, Intermediation in selling of the product to the consumer. (Development of the prototype, prototype development to the stage of the final product, license marketing, marketing the product to the consumer, other)
Contact point (Contact person): Miroslav Filep
KeywordsComposite plastic materials, mixed plastic materials, recycling technology, innovative technology, patent protected
Additional information:Technology is available for use on the (day/month/year): 01.01.2019.

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