Description of your eco-technology The company INGRINS – Vrtnarstvo Naglič d.o.o. works on innovative design and development of optimised solutions for urban gardening, vertical farming and growing microgreens. One of the main products offered by the company is the Qube Grow hydroponics growth system for commercial vegetable growers. Qube Grow is a fully automated device that features monitoring and remote control capability via smartphone application. 

Their solution provide the ability to grow produce in completely controlled environments 365 days of the year. Computer system collects data in real time and provide optimum conditions for each plant separately. The achieved growth rate can double that of classical farms, due to both additional crop cycles per annum and more produce per growth cycle. The system is not affected by ever more frequent extreme weather conditions (drought, hail, wind, flooding, etc.) and is a great way to mitigate against negative effects of climate change. The system does not use any herbicides insecticides, nor fungicides (less demand for oil-based pesticides, no additional pollution). The system uses almost 95% less water than classical farming and does not pollute the environment, soil, groundwater etc. The system applies optimized lighting system for supporting plant growth and uses water and air filters so as to assure there are no heavy metals found in soil.

Further information The company is interested in establishing connections to various types of partner organizations in terms of  sales of licence and sales to end-users. The company is also interested in cooperating with expert organizations and/or individuals in the area of low-cost monitoring solutions for water/nutrient analysis.

Form of cooperation sale to end user
Keywords Agriculture, horticulture, urban farming, clean growth, produce, automatization

Language of communication Slovenian, English
More information INGRINS – Vrtnarstvo Naglič d.o.o.

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Matej Naglič, CEO



Notice Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)


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