Title Probiotic preparation stabilized on unique substrate
Description of the technology
  • Bioculture creates a biofilm with unique properties on a unique substrate (alginite)
  • Structure and composition of the substrate provides an environment that supports and nourishes the bioculture
  • The created biofilm ensures the stability and resistance of the probiotics
  • The technology is usable with lactobacillus strains that are stabilized and remain in dorminant phase
Further specifikations
  • Nutritional supplement with increased concentration of live biocultures for human and veterinary use
  • Dermatology, wound healing and skin diseases for human and veterinary use
  • Usable in Pharmacies, health institutions, veterinary institutions
  • Higher resistance of probiotics preserved in biofilm
  • Preservation of larger numbers of living cultures
  • Significantly extended life cycle of biocultures compared to common methods
  • Higher effectiveness of gastrointestinal tract rekolonization
  • Higher effectiveness of bioconosis recolonization of skin
Keywords Biology, nutritional supplement
Form of cooperation Licence available for sale
Language of communication English, Slovak
Website For more information, visit http://nptt.cvtisr.sk/
Contact point alena.kojdiakova@cvtisr.sk
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)





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