Title PI water, a slice of a clean future
Description of ecotechnology The Hemotrade company, based in Kaposvár, was established in 1990 by Dr. Fülöp László researcher and developer. Since its foundation, the company of hungarian property has grown rapidly and dynamically keeping its market orientation. Within a short time Hemotrade became one of the most significant market leader due to its competitive products. We offer a wide range of products from home appliences for PI water producing to the complex solution of BCS PI technologies.The main activity is BCS PI technology for field crop growing and we have developed other 200 different technologies. Therefore we are constantly working to improve our technologies, always giving our best effort and quality to relize long-term environmental strategic cooperation.
Description of demand We are mainly looking for partners in Austria, Germany, Demark and French-speaking countries.
Keywords PI water, water technology, plant growing technology, physiological effect
Location Kaposvár, Hungary
Contact László Fülöp Dr.      +0036-30-901-4144 hemotrade@piviz.eu           http://www.piviz.eu/


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