Title Novel natural fibers for textile industry
Technology deployment We have discovered plant-derived fibers with superb insulation power. Their physical and biochemical properties render these fibers suitable as filling materials for textile products. Production and processing require only little energy input. Potential customers for fibers and derived textile products are environmentally-conscious persons. Furthermore, these plant-derived fibers have a better skin sensation and lower weight compared to synthetic fibers. European climate and soils are suitable for fiber production.
Advantages over currently used solutions Fibers are renewable and can be produced in Europe. In contrast to (petrol-based!) synthetic textiles they have a better skin sensation, stronger insulation power and lower heat. No chemicals are required for fiber processing. Cultivation of fiber-producing plants would have a beneficial side effect on the environment (increased floral and insect biodiversity). Our current protoype is fully hand-made, but we have identified technologies that would facilitate efficient production at a larger scale. The closes existent product, cotton fibers, has to be transported over long distances, is often produced under bad working conditions, using fertilizers and pesticides. “Our” fiber-producing plant species have very moderate growth requirements and are naturally disease-resistant.
Current status of technology Prototype available for demonstration

Secret Know-how

Possible client
Type and size   – Industry SME <=49 or Other

Language of communication   –  English, German

Collaboration Details   –  farmer for plant cultivation, textile industry partner for fiber processing

Preferred Countries for Cooperation   –  Austria and neighbour countries

More information andrea.pitzschke@economica.at
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)