Title Mawa invest in renewable energy sources.
Description of ecotechnology Mawa Ltd. Is dealing with growing of goods and fodder crops on ~ 1000 hectares, dairy cattle breeding 550 cows and reproduction (approximately 1,000 live animals) and agricultural services. In our company we would prefer to use renewable energy sources, so we are planning to invest in solar panels, or any other renewable energy sources.
Descricption of demand The buildings we use was built decades ago, so we would not prefer to use them as support material. Yet we can not afford to invest in new buildings. We are looking for other methods, systems or ideas to achieve energy self-sufficiency.
Keywords Hungary, Dairy farm, renewable energy, solar energy
Location Mosdós, Kaposvár
Contact Ákos Keszthelyi           mawakft@gmail.com                https://www.ceginformacio.hu/cr931025030


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