Category Agriculture, Microbiology
Description of ecotechnology

Climate change poses serious stress on plants, leading to substantial loss in agriculture. Likewise, heat, prolonged drought and traffic emissions challenge urban vegetation to the very limit. Plant death means loss of substantial investments, both for agriculture and greening-up initiatives in cities.

We offer a microbiology-based technology to improve plant stress tolerance. It is based on the ability of certain microorganisms to trigger the plant´s immune system, thus elevating stress tolerance levels. Our unique microbe-collection, other than conventional mixtures, has evolved naturally, in plant tissues under extremely challenging desert-like conditions. We can produce those non-pathogenic GMO-free bacteria in cultures. We used them successfully to colonize other (incl. European) plant species. Though being tested so far only under laboratory conditions, the microbe-collection would be ready for outdoor applications, i.e. treatment of crops and urban plants. Treatment can be implemented at the seed level, but also at later developmental stages. Our target group are innovation-oriented companies engaged in farming and city greening.

Stage prototype ready for field application
Country Austria
Keywords plants, agriculture, urban greening, climate change, city pollution



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