Title Liquid Manure Tanker with a Multifunctional Chassis and a Connected Adaptor System
Description of the technology This is a cost effective utilization of organic manure as a valuable and natural soil supply. We develop a tractor-trailer tanker for liquid manure transport with the additional systems of liquid manure deposition and grounding, as well as the necessary adaptor package.

The basis of the tanker will be a multifunctional chassis. The team convert the existing trailer chassis to enable the attachment of other superstructures with various functions. Subsequently as a first module the liquid manure tanker will be developed. Superstructures with other functions are outside of the scope of the current project.

The development of a multifunctional trailer is by all means a novelty with high business value, for an agricultural trailer can be considered as a basic equipment in agricultural production, but on the other hand it is only in use for a relatively short period of time (2-3- months) during a given year despite its high market price. By using the variable superstructures, the utilization of the trailers can significantly be increased, even yearly 10-11 months use may be achieved.

The liquid manure tanker to be developed ensures to handle the waste product in an economic and environmentally way. The tanker will be designed to the highest standard to ensure a long life.

 Keywords Cost Effective Agricultural Solution
Stage of Development Development from prototype to final product

Possible to use since 1.1.2019

Language of communication English, Hungarian
More information http://www.szigemix.hu/
Contact point jelenka@somogy.hu
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)