Kartoons – design furniture from recycled cardboard

Kartoons – design furniture from recycled cardboard
We are looking for quality recycled cardboard.
We produce design furniture, luminaires and accessories from quality recycled cardboard. We believe in ecology and re-use materials because we are eco-friendly and we don´t want to unnecessarily draw next row materials. Cardboard that we use is layered until we achieve excellent strength for new product.

Cardboard is amazing material that deserves itself more than just using as a classic box. Our Kartoons furniture will become the centre of attention in your home or office. Whether you choose a wine rack, a table, a shelf or a seat you will immediately catch the attention of the guests and you have a great theme for start of the conversation. Moreover you will show to everyone in your neighbourhood that you are considerate to the nature arranging your rooms.

Keywords Design furniture, Luminaires and accessories from recycled cardboard, Re-used products
Webpage https://www.kartoons.cz
Language of communication Czech, English
Contact point bicbrno@bicbrno.cz
 Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)