Title polisens.io – Air pollution monitoring for (smart) cities
Technology deployment A plug and play, modular device, having embedded high-end air pollution sensors and GPS. Installed on vehicles for larger coverage, the hardware is complemented by a powerful AI based web platform for analyzing, aggregating and visualizing the data. Thus, an easy feature is hotspots and patterns detection.
Comments At the macro Air Pollution issue lies the problem of the method used to monitor emissions in the air, relying on FIXED measuring points.Their coverage is small and the afferent data gathered isn’t nearly enough to reveal the real pollution levels.
Thus, decision makers have a hard time taking action. IntelFlows is offering a MOBILE air pollution monitoring system for smart cities, called The Network of Moving Sensors. We empower municipalities with a smart way of identifying urban air pollution hot spots and patterns, in real time 24/7, on up to 90% of the city area.
Keywords Smart cities, pollution, sensor technology, plug and okay technology, big data
Regarding Stage of Development Further technological development and funding
Possible clients Cities wanting to add a smart city system for mobile data analysis
More information https://polisens.io/


Notice Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)



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