EKOTEKA – Completely recycled product
Description of your eco-technology EKOTEKA is an innovative and award-winning brand of designer products resulting from the merger of textile waste, recycled paper and organic materials. They are designed in order to be fully usable and that in their production is used as many old and discarded materials.
Further information “Is assumed that more than one million tonnes of textiles and paper were thrown in landfills each year. A small part is recycled, but too small. By using the combination of waste textile and paper we want to points the innovative approach to the creation of new products. We want products that will be environmentally friendly, whose production and use will be contrary to consumer culture and lifestyle of “buy and throw.”The greatest challenge of our time is climate changes. With a project that combines environmental and design, we want to point out problems and change the consciousness of society. In this case, the design follows the environmental criteria and is focused on solving environmental issues/problems. Our goal is to provide and encourage social and sustainable development by using recycled materials with a direct impact on the quality of the environment, the production without the generation of waste, optimizing and the extension lifetime of the product.”
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More information ACT Printlab Ltd.Dr. Ivana Novaka 38

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E-mail: info@ekoteka.hr

Renato Pongrac, CEO

Web: http://www.ekoteka.hr/?lang=en

Email: kristina.pevec@redea.hr

Notice Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)