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Description of your eco-technology E2 MANAGER is the 3rd generation of EMIS development by the Adesco company, designed to facilitate energy accounting in various types of organizations. It features comprehensive functionality for monitoring energy use and costs, GHG emissions, water consumption and more. E2 manager provides its users with supreme ability to carry out energy analysis by observing various metrics and indicators, recusing cost and simplifying the planning/monitoring processes related to  implementation of renovation measures (energy consumption reports, financial plans, energy audits, energy certificates, etc.).

E2 MANAGER – Public lighting, an expansion to the EMIS, is a cloud based service for management and monitoring public lighting. The service offers the ability to establish and improve:

– energy accounting (consumption, costs, savings, indicators, etc.),

– communication with citizens and their safety (remedying failures in the public lighting network),

– overview of all public lighting equipment (catalogues of manufacturers, lamps, lamps, poles, cables, etc.),

– overview and updating of official registers,

– monitoring and management of maintenance processes (failures, work orders and reports, changes in equipment, etc.),

– control over maintenance services (pricelists, reports, attachments to the account),

– planning of new lighting systems, reporting and analysing,

– connections  between all actors who manage and maintain public lighting.

Further information Adesco is offering the E2 MANAGER – Public lighting comprehensive service to various types of organizations responsible for public lighting (municipalities, utility companies, private contractors – ESCO, etc.). The company is in search of talented individuals and/or partnering companies who would be interested in expanding and improving existing systems with new innovative features. International partners who would be interested in learning more about the developed solution with the intent to identify new markets within their respective territories are welcomed.

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