Title Device for electric  power supply of a single-phase appliance during a failure of one of multiple phases
Description of the technology
  • the device is aimed to secure continuous stream of electric energy
    in case of one or more current phase breakdown for single-phase appliances
  • two versions of the device are available: basic and enhanced with possibility of further individualisation
  • in the case of a breakdown of one or two phases the device automatically shifts power supply to functioning phase which prevents the malfunction of appliances connected to the grid
  • advanced version is capable of securing incoming energy supply
    for certain appliances in case of a breakdown of all phases through
    a built-in adapter
Further specifikations
  • device is suitable for home or professional usage
    (factories, warehouses, etc.)
  • useful in a case of emergency of appliance breakdown connected
    to current supply shortage.
  • simple, cheap and responsible solution
  • possibility of individualisation
  • no need of back-up power supply
  • possibility of deputy notification
  • minimal consumption in all regimes
  • unified platform
Keywords Energy saving,
Form of cooperation Technology is available for sale(patent) or licencing

Existing and applied prototype

Language of communication English, Slovak
Website For more information, visit http://nptt.cvtisr.sk/
Contact point alena.kojdiakova@cvtisr.sk
Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF and IPA)




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