Title Carla Cargo Engineering Technology deployment Carla Cargo is an electromotive load transport system for bicycles. The bicycle trailer is a particular efficient, clean and creative transport solution. Especially in the Last Mile Delivery of cargo, packages or even businesses such as food stands. Carla Cargo combines old technology like Read more…

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Offers of eco-solutions

Botanical extraction system

Title Next generation botanical extraction system Technology deployment Bulgarian SME developer and manufacturer of innovative natural safer, faster and cheaper extraction systems producing a higher yield in shorter time is searching for a partnership under commercial agreements with technical assistance. Producers of oils, food ingredients etc but also re-sellers are Read more…


World from Space

Title World from Space Description of the technology REGULAR INFORMATION – The company provides a new kind of information into the smart city ecosystem. Your city is constantly monitored by satellites and subsequently assessed by both officials and citizens. URBAN VEGETATION – The company monitors volume and current state of Read more…

Offers of eco-solutions

Demico solution

Title Demico solution Description of the technology Demico solution represents a new approach to storing and transport of cereals. The new approach involves the treatment of storage areas (silos – lying or transporting) in order to prevent the formation, expansion and neutralization of existing mycotoxins produced as mold metabolism products. Read more…


Ecocapsule Micro Home

Title Ecocapsule Micro Home Description of the technology Ecocapsule is a self-sustainable intelligent micro-home, which utilises solar and wind energy. It allows people to live in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, while retaining a high level of living comfort. It can be used as a cottage, a pop-up Read more…

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Transforming the kinetic energy of cardio-fitness machines to electricity

Title Transforming the kinetic energy of cardio-fitness machines to electricity Technology deployment Bulgarian company is working on the development of an innovative device that makes electricity from the kinetic energy of cardio-fitness machines. The research is based on the experience of proven specialists from the energy industry, the information technologies’ Read more…

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