AgroCares Nutrient Scanner

The nutrient scanner is an easy-to-use handheld tool that can be used by every food producer since it provides nutrient status of soil, crops and raw material in just 10 minutes. The scanner uses near infrared and EC sensor combined for analyzing.

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Denitrification Barriers

Denitrification Barriers Description of the technology Denitrification barriers for agricultural drainage or constructed wetland treatment are one of the newest technologies being investigated for practical edge-of-field nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) reduction. Technology is designed to remove nitrates from wastewater or runoff from agricultural ares. The principle is a filtration of water with Read more…

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Parking detector

Parking detector Description of the technology Thank’s data which we are providing to mobile apps, drivers are able to find available parking place faster and they don’t produce CO2. Keywords parking, IOT, vehicle, detector, smart, city, residential, parking, disabled, parking Stage of Development sale to end-user Language of communication Slovak, Read more…

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Solar trap

Solar trap Description of the technology It represents a new approach to agricultural production in controlled conditions. Solar trap is characterized by incomparably higher energy efficiency than any greenhouse or hothouse, no matter what kind of equipment it uses. Our facility is multipurpose. It can be used as a conventional Read more…

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Saaczech Description of the technology Saaczech it’s an alternative to plastic bags. It meets the criteria of the circular economy. Saaczech is made of a parachute, which was used from discarded military parachutes.  Keywords Zerowste, Waste, Circular economy Stage of Development Final product to sale Language of communication English, Czech, Read more…